Simon x Kieren → parallels [3/3



'Cause it's you
Oh, it’s always you
Oh, I always knew
Oh, it’s you



The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes (from 1969 Live)


it’s been eleven years and you still can’t convince me that sirius black is not still alive somewhere


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metal arm porn dedicated to agentwidovv

keep the thirst alive


So apparently Tumblr isn’t familiar with this story, which is a TRAGEDY and needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s what’s possibly the cutest reference dead robins: tiny ghost Jason bein’ tiny and ghostly, pulling cute pranks, having tea with Alfred, maybe kinda possessing small birds, and helping Bruce !! solve !! mysteries !! wow !!! amazing.

Gotham Knights #34 — The Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth
story: Danielle Dwyer | art: Scott Morse

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Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself.

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FMA/FMAB Meme: Outfits (1/2)

Al dressing up like his brother in Conqueror of Shamballa

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i love bette already


When someone asks you if you’re ‘Team Peeta’ or ‘Team Gale’


When someone takes a powerful story about unjust governments, the strength and weakness of a young girl thrust into a violent and terrifying world, and young children being forced to kill each other to make a ‘point’t, and turns it into a fucking love story. 





anonymous asked: Hello, do you have a gif or pic of Bucky in the second scene post credits of the movie?

People say you can’t read his expression in this scene, but I can make a guess. His mouth is sort of hanging open at the beginning like he finally realizes what Steve told him was true and that’s HIM and he was a hero and dear GOD what did they do to him? And then he just sort of closes his mouth and and his eyes harden just a little. That’s mission face. He’s owed answers and he’s going to GET them and he may have to carve a path of HYDRA bodies, but they made him so they can deal with the fire they played with. That last gif is a face that is both Bucky Barnes AND the Winter Soldier. Bucky wants the answers and the retribution, but the Winter Soldier is going to exact them. All my money is on Steve and Sam being able to find Bucky through a very curious HYDRA body count that just so happens to start.

I’m counting on this

They’re going to regret creating the Winter Soldier more than they’ve ever regretted anything. Bucky’s going to make sure they do. He’s got 70 years to make up for.

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